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Loki Tiling Ltd was formed in 2008 by Fahruk Selmani (Loki) and Ismajl Lahu (Isa). Given their unique Albanian background, their exquisite European eye for design, is undeniable. As their installation business grew they had a dream of providing more of a complete experience to their clients. Established in September 2012, Loki Tiling LTD would provide a full-scale supply and installation outlet. Although Loki and Isa are still maintaining their positions as lead tile setters, a team of experienced, hard working and dedicated individuals are available for all your tiling needs. Loki and Isa personally inspect and ensure the quality of all projects. Their talent, hard work, leadership and experience are the cornerstones of the company and continue to ensure the long-term success of a company built on quality workmanship.